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Oct 14, 2010
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Hi i have a really good client who has a very busy life style and is very hard on her nails, she has gel enhancements but has to get them re-balanced every week and half! she would like to go a bit longer. Her nails are never broken or chipped but the do lift which she hates!!

Has any one got any suggestions. She is a very good client and I would like her to keep coming back to me.
Have you tried her with L&P as opposed to gel? are you prepping her nails correctly, try double prep, are you using primer, where is the lifting? ie on sidewalls or by the eponychium is is on all nails always or just one or two? same ones every time? what shape nail is she? are they tips or sculpts?

What system do you use? talk us through your rputine I do not do gels but I know theres lots of great geeks on here whom do with loads of experience, it would get more response if it was posted on the main nail forum though:idea:

Firstly before anyone of us can give you the right advice, you need to fill in your profile details regarding what training you have had so far to date, what company's products you use too - and are these the products you were trained in?

Unless we have that basic info, we can advise you till the cows come home but it could quite easily be the wrong advice for the company/products you are using - all gel companies have a slightly different approach iykwim.

Then, we can give you the best advice to help you through this problem & hopefully resolve your issues with this good client.

Talk us through your prep & application routine also.
What lamp do you use with the gel - is it the same make as the brand you use or a generic UV light etc


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