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I haven't used the NSI Balance gel system (though I know it's a great line!), but if it is applied like most, the first coat of gel (bonder/ing) is apply thinly - you should "scrub" this coat into the nail and applied thinly. The surface will not be smooth but textured (prepping is coming through the gel) then cure for about 30 secs; then apply the 2nd coat as if applying topcoat nail polish, and so forth until all layers of gel are applied and fully cured. Did you apply primer first and then the first coat of gel (bonding gel)? Were the nails dehydrated completely before applying primer and product? :? If you answer NO to either, there may lie the problem. I'm utilizing different techniques with gel and am much happier than I ever was just with acrylic and am NOT experiencing any problems with lifting. I'm very particular/detailed in my PREP when applying a fullset and at fills. Try making these adjustments in your application, if you're not already, and see how it goes. Good luck and let me know how it goes or if you need further assistance! :D
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Sep 11, 2003
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Last week I did an infill of gel (NSI) nails on my friend (I'm still practising) and they were perfect, she was so happy with them she danced round the house!! :D

But yesterday she told me that some of them are lifting badly - does anyone know a reason this might be happening? They were fine 2 weeks before when i did a full set :?

Obviously i they were totally clean and anti-bac'd, i used primer and sealed them after... :(

Would really appreciate some advice from the masters :D
Use the 'search' facility on the left of your screen and put lifting.
You will find loads of info there. OR read the Geeks 'novel, entitled a Primer on Lifting Click novels on the left of your screen.

There is a lot of info on this site that you can check out before you post a question and you will find the answers there.
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