Lightening Eyebrows?


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Sara Satchell

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Apr 14, 2004
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Near Chester
Hi All,

We've had the odd few requests recently about lightening eyebrows. I know you can tint them darker, or a slightly different shade but I've never heard of making them lighter. Can any one shed any "light" on this subject for me please?!:rolleyes:

My thanks in advance!
Had a request for this the other day too, She said she had had them done before, but they went orange! Would be interested to know if it can be done, and if so how!
Hi Sarah, Hope you're well and enjoying the sunshine in Spain?!

Im no hairdresser but surely some form of peroxide/bleach solution, all be it a much weaker one would do the job? I know (or think I know!) that you have to use a 20% solution for use near the scalp, and the solution we use for eyebrows is a 10% solution but I just don't know what we should be adding in lieu of the tint cream :rolleyes:

Reflectocil do a bleach for lightening eyebrows, but i have never tried it. I know Beauty Express stock this brand, but im not sure who else do. Ellisons may do too.
Hi Sara,I have read that some therapists use facial hair bleach on the eyebrows.

I can see that if your using this product on the face it must be a very low percentage due to sensitivity issues so maybe that would be something to look at.

However I would be very careful,I would be tempted to only use a product specifically designed for the eyes unless it were made up of the same percentage peroxide as eyelash/brow tint.Thankfully I have never had anyone ask me to lighten the brow hair.Not yet anyway:eek:

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