Limp, Lifeless Hair :(


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Apr 7, 2010
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Hiya, i'm desperate for some help on livening up my hair :( it's soooo limp & lifeless. I've tried blowing volume into it but it doesn't seem to do anything. Are there any products out there that you'd recommend?? I use Shockwave Volume Boost mousse atm, but again - it doesn't seem to do much anymore :/ My hair is a victim of heat - and i think the damage has been done :'(

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated xx
Have a look at the pureology volumising range- superb stuff. Best I have ever found. have a look at it on the hair site below
Will it work on my hair too? :D I have really long hair, fine but lots of it with long layers?
I have been using a loreal root booster, drying hair up side down, more root booster blast with dryer, blast with cool, spray hairspray on sections and pull straighters up then a bit back combing, then a bit more hairspray.
I never get more than 4 hours before its completley flat again :sad: this makes me sad lol I want hair like michelle keegan :D xx

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