Little girls parties?


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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, I am thinking of doing little girls manicure parties... Ive had a few people asking about them and have also found when i gave some leaflets out for gen. advertising some people were saying 'oh my daughter loves stuff like that!' and its given me the idea of offering parties as well.

Any of you that do these what advice can you offer me on this? How many max. do you have at a party, how much time do you allocate for it, how much to charge? What min. age do you do? etc etc.

Also, with using nail stickers at parties, what do you so for little ones with tiny nails? My daughter (6yrs) loves having her nails painted and i did some little flowers on them for her but her nails are so tiny, they flowers kind of end up filling the nail! Im only just getting into nail art but i did do her flowers with tiny dots!! I put stickers on them too once but again, the stickers are often to big to fit on her nails...
hi there

just been reading you thread.
I had a princes pamper party for my daughter this year
if you are going it alone then you would only be able to take up to 5 children, you would also have to get yourself police checked for various reasons.

I am a fully qualified therapist, but years ago I was a cub leader and had to be policed checked before I could have anything to do with children

hope this helps

if you are self employed or an individual operating you are not able to get crb checked that service seems to be if you are employed as a paid employee

link to criminal records bureau page should give you more info

Criminal Records Bureau - Applicants

i would say as long as a parent is present then you will be fine

Research it well cause they are really strict on some areas and quite lax in others!!
Ive got a CRB check for teaching kids but ive had to have one for each organisation ive worked so even tho the work was for the same school when teaching trampoling had to have one for British Gym and with footy i had to have one for the FA as well as one for the school even if they have been valid at the same time which is ridiculous so tred carefully its a minefield!!
plus pls let us know your results as im a self employed therapist and would be interested in how it stands especially as its hands on from a child protection point of view! :rolleyes:
I used to work for a company that did mobile children's makeover parties, and they charged £12 per head for a hair up, nail paint and make up. The company owner claims her staff are CRB checked, when in reality only she is, not her staff. Worrying.
Do a google search for childrens mobile makeover to get some ideas. You could always pose as a potential customer to find out what people offer and for what price, some will even send out an information pack with the pricing structure on it.
Hello there:)

I do 3 types of childrens parties

1) birthday glitz
2) chocoholics birthday glitz
3) princess parade

Feel free to look at my website if you think that may give you a few ideas.
Gemma Marie Beauty

Thats what I did when I wanted to start doing them.
I had to be police checked for my other job so the certificate is very recent. I always take this with me when discussing the party. I always insist on at least one parent/adult being there though.

hth xx:hug:

I am a new at posting this so I hope it works. I have found that a nail printing systems works best with children as you can get many funky designs and can easily paint is different colours. My 5 year old son thinks they're great. I have also tried them on a few other kids and they go down well. The system I use is by a company called Konad. I saw them up at Birmingham back in Feb.

I have also done a few manicure and pedicure parties for adults who bring along their children, as the parent is present I had no trouble, but generally its a simple and quick way of doing nail art.

:):hug: Janeymay
Thanks for the replies! I will ring CRB tommorow and see what they say.
Gemmamarie - I had a look at your site - its fantatstic! Can I just ask.. for your mini man & ped is it £15.00 for the 2 together or each? (sorry for being nosy!)
I think your party plans are great, all of you have given me some ideas to look into. With regards to make-up though .. I havent done a make-up course so wouldnt be able to do this - or would i?

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