Liverpool/ Wirral help needed please


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Apr 18, 2010
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bebington wirral
Hi fellow geeks :D
I really need some help.. i currently do nsi acrylic and gels and want to expand in what i do!
I have applied to do nvq 2 in beauty starting in september in a local college.. at my interview i was told i was perfect for the course and told what i would need for it uniform colour the lot. I recently received a letter saying i was only on the reserve list.. im well and truely gutted as i really wanted to do this course :( So i have decided to wait and see if i get on through the reserve list fingers crossed and in the mean time do other courses plus carrying these on whilst training as my course was a 1 full day a week course.. Anywho im really interested in doing eyelash extentions semi perm ofcourse , id love to do spray tanning and eyebrow threading too... can any one who has done a course in either of these which i can do in either liverpool or on the wirral please give me some advise as im desperate.. Sorry for the essay!
Thanks in advance x
Im looking for people to do an eyelash course (possibley glamlash) with me in liverpool if your intrested it might not be until the end of aug but if you message me you email i could let you know when they get back to me and i can let you know prices and what not.
any other advice off any other geeks would me really appreciated. Thanks
Apply to more colleges!

I think this is all the more important what with a lot of course funding (and thus perhaps places) being limited due to new cutbacks :(

If I were in your shoes and I really wanted this (which I do regarding my own education) I would be willing to do a fair but of travel providing i could afford it.

On the plus side, there are a fair few colleges where you are (would you even be willing to travel to Manchester to increase those odds perhaps?)

Out of interest, when did you apply? was it fairly late in the year?

Best of luck with this

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