Log cabin photos - half way there!


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Oct 20, 2007
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North West
A few people have asked me to post some pictures so here they are !! The inside is not complete yet and the garden still has to be landscaped but I'll try and add some when they are finished

I cannot wait to start working in it! Exciting times!!
Oh wow looks great! [emoji106] that looks a perfect size. Do you mind me asking what you paid, size and did you get it built or do yourself? Looks fab!
It is 6ft 6" x 13ft 1". This size was chosen more to accommodate the size of my garden as its a fairly odd shape. It comfortably fits a couch and nail bar and one client at a time!! If you can fit a larger one in your space then do - mainly just for flexibility of where you put your equipment. If you are just doing nails then it is ample space. I intend to keep my couch pushed up against the end wall to create more space inside as I am more busy with nail treatments.

My husband who is very handy has built it all. The kit came flat packed from Dunster house in a zillion pieces. We laid a good base (£200) and I paid for upgraded floor and ceiling insulation and double windows on the cabin. He then painted it and added the electrics, fuse box,guttering, laminate floor etc. It has cost around £3k in total. I did buy the house in the winter sale though. I should imagine the price is creeping up now as we move towards summer and people start thinking about a summer houses for their garden projects!

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