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Apr 27, 2004
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hi i have a 12 month lab , dog, im looking for a chum for him must be excellent with children and other pets, such as a bull mastif, boxer, rotweiler wanting a dog over the age of 6 months old, if you know of any needing a lovely home contact me thanxs xx
Hiya Emma,
I think if you have young children, Then getting a dog over 12 months old can be a bit dodgey. I have always had rottweillers and always from 8 weeks old that way any bad habits are picked up on and recitifed, But when someone else has owned a dog you don't know what that dog has picked up or learned. I am not against people with kids getting older dogs but the bigger the dog the bigger the damage.
I put 12months old because this was the age stated before the post was edited :|
i do understand wat u been i was brought up with one , i also had a german shepherd that was 2 years of age when i got him, each dog is different i know there r so many dogs out there in which people give up when they get too big or unable to train them i have the time to do this and looking at all dogs and ages xx
Why not try your local dogs home - they're always looking for good homes for older dogs (i.e not puppies) and a reputable home will check out the prospective owner too to make sure they will be responsible and suitable. They also do home checks once the dog has been re-homed to make sure everything is ok with both adopted dog and new owner.
if u change ure mind about a puppy, my boss has rottis, his bitch is up-the-duff,lol, due in 6 weeks.

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