Looking for Hairdressing Scissors, help please


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Dec 14, 2007
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Portland, OR, USA
I am looking to buy a pair of hair dresser scissors as a gift. I have ~$100 to spend although I really should spend more like $70. I know the advice is to try them first but I can't do that.

So.... Do you have any suggestions for me?

On most threads I see people really like Joewell. I could only afford the low end Jowell S2 line (See on amazon). Do you think those are the best for the price?

I noticed the Jowell S2 (s) are not convex blades which a lot of people seem to think has an advantage. Would I be better going with a different brand that is convex?

Thanks for any suggestions.
i have 2 pairs of joewell scissors and they are brilliant
i have 2 pairs of joewell scissors and they are brilliant

Hi same here
I have the Jowell Classic 5 and a half inch I don't think you could go wrong with them as they are nice and slicy too
BTW what are these convex blades ( like clam shaped ):eek: ?
I think perhaps we may have a different name for them in the UK ? LOL

hi your right u have 2 try them first cus every one has different sized hands,r the scissors 4 a newly qualifide hairdresser if so dont spend alot! cus u allways drop ya first pair.

I have had loads of Jowells i prefer the 4.5 inch myself they are quite pricey but good, At the moment i have Yasaka which are a lot less money and imo just as good.

I have had covex they are good but tbh its what you do with them that counts xx

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