looking for nail tech Aghios nikolaos, crete


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Dec 28, 2004
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A client of mine getting married 28th september in Crete, Aghios nikolaos. Are there or do you know any nail techs that she could book appointment with for Nail Extensions on the 27th. Thankyou
not sure if this is any help but my dad is originally from crete (chania, exactly) so maybe I can offer this...

My parents visited family recently, and my mom told me about a really nice hotel with an amazing spa inside that does full mani's & pedis amongst other things!

I can find out the name, if you'd like, but I'd say if no names pop up her best bet is to go to a luxury resort and have it done in their spa!

You never know what people are using, and IMO it's not worth the risk!!
Hi mannipatch,
I am Greek, I am not from Agios Nikolaos but I'll try to help you.
Agios Nikolaos is a small town, and most locals in small towns do their nails in a hairdresser salon or use mobile techs. A salon exclusively for nails rarely exists as there is no profit only for nails in small towns.
There is another area near Agios Nikolaos (11 km), called Elounda which has the luxury hotels with the spas (I believe moopie was referring to that area).
I did a google search for hotels in Elounda and services and from what I saw, they offer services for natural nails (spa manicure and pedicure). I did a search in a hurry so probably there are hotels that offer nail extensions but that area is very touristic and they are pretty expensive. Most of them have sites of their own and in English and you can also have a search.

If she is married to a local, she can surely ask his relatives where they have their nails done. She can take a lot of info by them.
Another idea is her hairdresser. Who is going to make her hair? If she is local she surely knows some techs.

If she is just married there, and if she goes earlier, since it's a small town, she can have a look around for hairdressing salons that offer nails services, or even a nail salon.

Mind though that as moppie said, the products they use and their techniques are questionable. They may have top quality brands but they may have not (I am talking about local hairdresser salons, not the big spa hotels)
Also about e-files...It's not illegal in Greece and techs can use them freely, either trained or not. The majority uses them mostly for cleaning up cuticles and for infills or complete removal of the gel/acrylic.

I hope I helped you a little. :hug:
Here is the phone number of the CND school in Heraklio: +30 2810 213645, and the phone number of the CND school in Chania: +30 28210 44625.

Hopefully, they will be able to help you out, since they are also distributing CND products throughout Crete...
Sorry it has taken me time to get back thank you so much for your help. Your a star
Thankyou so much girls for all your help. I will ring there tomorrow for her. I was hoping that maybe someone from that area was a member on this site and I would give them a wee bit of business. There are a few of the wedding party wanting there nails done. The bride and groom to be, are both from Ireland but wanted to get married in Greece as that is where they met for the first time. I did not want to do her nail extensions as she has to be in Greece for sometime before she gets married so I thought it best that she got them done nice and new for her wedding over there. Anyhow girls thankyou so much for taking your time to answer me it is very much appreciated.:hug:

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