L'Oreal Dia Light toning help!


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Mar 1, 2008
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Cornwall England
Hi guys was just wondering im coming to the end of my richness didia toners/milkshakes want to replace them with the nearest new toners as possible! Can anyone recommend what to use as loreal have a few new semis out, was wondering what people who switched already think is best for toning bleach thanks in advance x
9.01 9.02 9.03 10.12 that all I can remember off the top of my head (I don't colour much now as I'm to busy and prefer cutting) I'll have a look when I'm in the salon tomorrow x
From 7 and up theres 7.23 7.32 7.30 7.13 7.31 7.01 8.02 8.31 8.13 9.02 9.01 9.03 9.13 10.12 10.13 off the top of my head ohh plus they have single gold reflects now so 6.3 7.3 8.3 9.3. There pretty. :) hope that helps! Plus silly Loreal got rid of 10.23 :( I've been using 25g 9.02 + 5g 9.03 really pretty and natural
Thanks for the replys so I think I'm going to invest in dia light. Do you think that's the best loreal semi for toning bleach and how come it has different strength peroxides and not a releaser like the old didia colour! Sorry if I'm being thick but been using the old didia for years and needed a bit of advice xxx
Someone correct me of I'm wrong but I think it's 6vol for pre colouring 9for toning and 15 for 1 level of lift
Nine volume will give same effect as old di dia with releaser as I love my 9 mixed with 9.02 for toning bleach thanks again for the replys x

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