love & luck to ruth


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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
after all the support you have shown me recently it would be pretty rude not to offer somer back. dont know if i can make it to the show, and support you in person, but GOOD LUCK :thumbsup: to you and faye (and all the other geekette entries) I'll be thinking of you with my fingernails crossed.
Well how can I fail with all these good wishes.................
Well even if I don't place, I have done it and prob. will do loads more now............. I have been told it's very addictive..........

So thanks babe, if I do get some where you have played a huge part in it, so thanks {{{{{{{{{{{{huggs}}}}}}}}}}}}} to all
love Ruth xxxxxx
:salute: :salute:

Good luck to you both! And hope you have a great day!

:goal: :goal: :goal:

but hey i will be there to cheer you on xxx
Good luck to you all.....most of all have a good time ;)
Sawadee ka Ruth

I want you win prize and daughter i speak buddah for make you lucky .

Kop khun ka mui

I'm going to be at Excel on the Sunday. What time does your comp start? And do you know what time the winners are announced as I'd love to see you and Faye big up 1st & 2nd place (only because you can't get two 1st's!!!!!!)
hey ruth :D long time no chat hun!
well the time is nearly here :shock: !
hun you will be fab!
i have me bag of haribo tucked away (keep trying not to think about it as the lure to it the lot is too much at times :D )
hows the practice ? are you feeling confident?
will be there with bells on look forward to catching up with you
nickki jonesx (whose hubbie has hidden the credit card :rolleyes: as he knows her only too well when it comes to nail shows ;) but i will find it as long as it doesn't involve climbing into the loft :D )
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