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Apr 15, 2006
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I hope I can explain this clearly !!! I use Bio and Balance with great sucess on clients, however when I do myown nails I always have a slight lifting issue on the sidewalls but only where the nails leaves the nail plate.

I have very low sidewalls so its really difficult to cap the sides of the nail because of not wantiing to catch the skin ( hope I'm explaining this ok ???). Has anyone experianced this and did you overcome it ???

I did think of using a form ?
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Yes I suppose the only thing to do is to sculpt using a form and create your own sidewalls.

Do use usually have NNO or use tips?
Hi, I at least think I understand what you mean by low sidewalls. I have this on a few of my nails and some really obviously so. Interestingly enough, my mother has them on exactly the same fingers herself.

I find it a bit difficult to fit tips and very difficult to fit forms on these fingers. I also have to adapt smile lines to go at an awkward angle round the sloping corners of them. I don't suffer undue lifting these days, but it certainly makes uniformity harder to achieve. :irked:
Deena I think you've got the idea of what I'm trying to explain ! its like I have a very low Hyponychium so MY sidewalls are low so its hard to cap the sides. phew that was hard to explain, anyhooo anyone else come accross this ?

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