Lowlights on bleached hair, Wella Koleston


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Oct 25, 2013
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Hi there, first time here, really need help. Need to do lowlights like honey coffee caramel colour, some ash blond colour. Have done this before with Schwarzkopf, now I'm working with wella, really need to get it right. Thank you.
Try using Wella Illumina brilliant results for lowlighting blonde hair. Improves condition of the hair after every application aswell so great for bleach highlighted clients.
I was thinking to use ILLUMINA. Could you suggest which ones should I use? As I haven't tried the darker shades yet. Thank you for your reply :)
I like 8/38, 7/35, 7/81 7/7 and 7/ for lowlighting. Also love 10/36 for toning blonde inbetween foil packets / using on the ends for ombré. Recently did full head highlights with a full head colour inbetween of 3 parts 8/ 1 part 10/36 on natural base of 6 and covering some existing highlights, went a gorgeous cool honey blonde with clean highlights
Thank you so much, I will try it :) thanks!

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