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Jan 9, 2003
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Just a quick note to say that I have added one of my recent Scratch Magazine articles to the 'articles' section for your viewing pleasure.

I myself quite enjoyed its short, but fun message.
You can find it here.

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Thanks Sam, that article is so excellent!!!!

Being a fairly new nail tech myself, this is a great read. I must say that when it comes to training i didn't nessacerily choose the right option but rectified this by finding out as much as possible about the industry and what more i could learn.

As you say you can turn anything negative into a positive, so if something doesn't quite go to plan, do something about it!! I'm booked onto doing my advanced courses in L&P so i can learn all the ins and outs of one system, then i will do a conversion course for another system to learn more about the fabulous world of NAILS.

Have to say this is the best move i ever made getting into nails, i have truely found something that i get so much enjoyment from.

This website is a gold mine of infomation, truely inspirational and a credit to you Sam. Don't know what i'd do without everyone on here, thanks.:D
bless. Thanks for that.

My fave part of the article is this pic at the bottom ;)
the pic at the bottom had me giggling! I enjoyed the way it was written, serious with a sense of humor that keeps one hanging on every word. Well written and happily read!
Bless... Thanks for that :D
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