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Jul 27, 2003
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sawadee ka

I see 1 time in magazine Thai have picture lulu collection and i think them show 7 ot 8 color i look for magazine my shop but maybe someone take not bring back now .

Can you tell me please how many color in collection and them on sale now or not .

Kop khu ka mui
sawadee ka Mui - the Lulu Collection has 12 French colours; 4 are oldies but goodies - Moonlight & Roses; Sheer Contentment, Cold Shoulder & Light Diffusion - the other eight are brand new!
Bisou de LuLu -- creamy white; best on nail tips
Bijou -- off-white with a hint of shimmer
Tres Femme -- the perfect sheer cream
Tres Jolie -- slightly iridescent pink
Classique -- light beige
Mystere -- lightest pink
Beau -- tawny pink with a slight frost
Romantique -- sheer petal pink

After all that I can't remember the cost but we have it here in the UK! I don't know if we are allowed to sell to you because we probably have another distributor in your area!! I will have to check!!
Kop khu ka Samantha ;)
Sawadee ka

I look today also can not find in book i look long time try again tomollow i know have in bkk i see in book i go bkk thur just fly morn come back nite time this only time i will get mama go home saturday and then i take care son can not go get product for shop after .

When i go bkk i go 3 nail studio and make patent for Thailand my shop and i very lucky have internet and geek now i have many idea good for future i make patent for sure .

Kop khun ka mui
Sawadee ka

I can tell lady that no have see lulu i see in book and have beautifull white and cream color and beautifull pink .

If i not see this color i not buy i have many nail color but no have same this so i buy for high season and i think if lady she look color lulu she happy for sure and want same me .

Kop khun ka mui
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