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Nov 30, 2007
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Can anyone tell me why I keep getting tiny little bumps or bubbles on my nail varnish? It's driving me nuts. It's not consistent with a specific varnish. I allow the coats to dry in between. Sometimes I let they dry in the air, sometimes I use a fan, sometimes I use a nail dryer. It doesn't seem to matter how many or how few coats I do. They're not always there straight away either, they appear a few hours later. They're not always on every nail. This morning I have them on every nail, literally dozens of them on each nail. It happens whether I'm on my natural nails and onto Calgel as well.

Please help:confused:
Are you shaking the bottle before using the enamel? This could cause a lot of air bubbles. You should roll it between your hands, instead...
I also found this happen if I didnt give the nail a light buff after cuticle work. So my prep was sanitise hands, shape nail, cuticle work, light buff, scrubfresh. Once I started doing that I didnt have any little bits sticking up off the nail.

Also as Kelly says roll the enamel bottle between your hands rather than shaking it!

could it be dust particles..? x

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