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Oct 16, 2013
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Can someone help please. Can you use the SoYummy Lycon got wax without the pre wax oil? Do the hairs still come out? Thanks x
Really wouldn't advise it, the wax will not lift from the skin cleanly at all.

You would end up picking bits from the skin, not good!!

If you don't have the lycon pre wax oil then just use a light sheen of any other oil, better than nothing.
Using without oil you will increase the risk of skin lifting too which isn't good.

If you don't have any of the pre-wax oil try another light oil, but be aware that it will absorb into the skin very quickly so it won't act as the barrier you need. So just make sure you work quickly and reapply regularly to ensure there is always a light sheen as Laura said.

Thanks guys. I have everything but it's for my work. They got a kg of the strawberry one and they don't have oil. We do mostly hollywoods and brazilians and they can't order their usual wax in till Monday and there isn't enough wax left but there is Lycon so I just wondered how it would be as a one off? Can anyone suggest a light oil to use as don't want to take my stuff In. Thanks

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