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Jan 17, 2008
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I use Mac foundation I'm currently using studio sculpt nw20 would like to try face and body foundation however I live far away from any stores so will have to order online but have know idea what colour to try I don't mind something a bit darker than I'm using as the summer is coming and my skin colour will change please any help would be very helpful x
If you go on to the MAC website there are shade charts, I know it's hard to tell sometimes when you can't see the real thing but it might help if you won't be near a store a while? Xx
Ask for samples, they send 2 at a time I've just got mine! X
Thankyou very much going to order some samples x
I'd say N1 or N2.

I didn't think MAC did samples - so that's really good to know! :)
I was also going to say N1 or N2. But bear in mind that if you are very pink it may not be suitable for you. Rather than coming in NC or NW like the other foundations, it is just C and N, so the N ones are neutral.
Thanks again everyone for all you help :)

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