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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Its that time again.

Off to Manchester for the G-MEX show... the largest Nail and Beauty Show in the north o England.

Good luck to all the Team Geeks competing. I will post the results when I get back (somehow I feel you may hear about them a bit sooner though ;) ).

Other bits.

Very pleased with this months Professional Nails... well.. 99.9% of it anyway. Was a little suprised to read the 'Industry Experts' opinions on Onycholysis. Me thinks they need to be checking out the novel on the very subject here on the site.
Was super duper pleased with the smile line step by step as well.
I shall update the pics in the tuorials section after this months issue has had a bit of a run.
If you don't have this months Professional Nails... I suggest you move your buttocks.

Very displeased with my computer upstairs. Seems it doesnt want to surf any faster than molasses running uphill on a cold winter morning.
I have spent the last hour trying to post this message before I kicked into a cold grave and came downstairs to post.

nJoy all
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