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Jun 28, 2010
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Hi geeks, I am a beauty therapist trained in make up and I feel I am pretty good with basic and slightly advanced make up but I would love to do a make up artistry course.

Any suggestions for a good course in the North East of England preferably?
Thanks x
Anyone please? :) x
I've been looking also, same as you got the basics but would love to lean more.
Have you come across any yet? Ive looked at art deco. I've heard good things. I'm going to beauty uk this weekend so hoping to get some more ideas there as well.
I would be interested in one too,where in th NE you at?i will have a look see if I can find any decent ones tomorrow xx
Not come across any as yet. I'm going to beauty UK on Sunday too Sweetyrex :)

Hi Charlee, I'm in County Durham xx
Evening fellow northerners :)

Newcastle College used to run courses on an ad hoc basis, might be worth giving them a shout to see if they've got anything planned before the end of term. They were usually workshops with various MUA's 'guesting'.

I'm looking at the courses Illamasque run as I really like some of their product and the looks they create with them.

Other than that, would be fabulous to hear what you all find... maybe we should just get together over a few bottles of whatever with a huge make up kit and see what we can create! ;)

Hi Guys,

Check out The Beauty Academy - they do some great make up courses - I'm not 100% sure of their northern presence though, you'd need to check their website, I think they may have a college in Manchester and possibly one in Edinburgh.

Juliet x
TracyS that's a brilliant idea lol!

I had an Illamasque foundation and it was a cream and sponge formula and I didn't like it that much but if the course is good then I don't have to use their brand I suppose :) xx
Ok the only one I can find is qc academy but it's a distance learning course and costs £900! Not what I'm looking for. East Durham college run a Level 2 & 3 make up artistry course but it's a full year. They also run a theatre/tv make up course.

I looked into beauty academy, the nearest school to us is in Leeds and all courses are over about 4 days xx
Not come across any as yet. I'm going to beauty UK on Sunday too Sweetyrex :)

Hi Charlee, I'm in County Durham xx

hopefully will find something there!
Hi Geeks,
I too have been looking into this....Cheshire Academy run 2 day courses of Bridal and Editorial. Have had good recommendations and feedback.
Will hopefully be booking soon :) x
I'm thinking of going with art deco. They do different modules so you can choose a particular area of interest ie bridal. Or can do the whole lot.
I'd rather do that than a college. No offense to college but I remember my make up training from college! Went back to college few years later and the make up course still wasn't very good! But I'm sure there are some very good college make courses!
Haven't fully made up my mind.
How did you get on at the show?

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