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Oct 21, 2011
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Wolverhampton UK
So I completed my make up training at college two years ago and after some thought and having it on my insurance I decided to add it to my list of treatments.

I got my first and only client after that for a wedding, I was really pleased with the out come, considering I haven't done it since college. Whilst I am updating my make up collection all the time I was wondering how to get more people for my portofolio, as I want all my photo's to be taken proffesionally.
Hi, if you go on to the Model Mayhem website you will see lists of models, photographers & MUAs profiles, they will have stated on the their profile if they want money for compensation or happy with TFP - hopefully you can hook up with models & photographers who are happy just to get shots out of a photoshoot so you each get something for your porfolio HTH xox
Oh wow thank you.

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