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Amore Hair

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Jul 27, 2010
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East yorkshire
Hey geeks,

Need to get some flyers/leaflets done and not got a masive budget unfortunately.. Was just wondering if any one has made their own? if so have you got a picture? or does any one know where i can get them done at a good price??

Get in touch with Carl from Verve... who is also a geek known as extensionize on here.... he will be able to help you out and his work is excellent!

verve design
I would recommend getting someone to do it professionally as it makes such a difference, especially as it will be many peoples first impressions of your business.

I have a friend who is a Graphic Designer, and does his own work away from his day job in his spare time.

I can show you the leaflet he has just designed for me and share his details if you would like to speak to him as his work is fantastic and far to cheap

Feel free to pm me

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