Malignant Melanoma - experiences?


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Jan 31, 2006
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Hi all.

My hubby has just got back from the hospital and has been told that about 10 of the moles on his back are showing severe signs of being skin cancer.

We used the ABCD rules and I noticed months ago that they were all changing and getting darker and going patchy, no clear edges and none are 'round' - all strange shapes.

He is adopted, so its very hard to find out family history etc on this, but he has about 70 - 100 moles, and therefore is in a high risk band.

He went to his doctors in MK this morning and was told there was nothing wrong, we both could see that there clearly was! He went to the hospitals 'walk in' clinic type service, and has been told he needs to go back to his doctors to get referred to have them removed as soon as possible.

Is it me or has the system gone mad? How ridiculous that first a doctor says there is nothing wrong, and then when a hospital doctor finds out there is, he cant be referred straight from the hospital?!!

Sorry for the rant, but I was wondering if any other geeks had been through this, or had any stories to share?
I know Nailzoo is knowledgeable about this.

I'm sorry to hear about this, you must be worried sick.

Who told you they were Malignant, they had better be right or they have caused undue stress. Was this person qualified to tell you this?

Keep your chin up :hug:
He said 'that was the term used to describe this type of thing' :irked:

He was a qualified dr but not a specialist.
Hi hun

I've pm'd you with my experience of a malignant malanoma.

If you need to talk just pm me. I no what your going through.

Sending you big big hugs :hug::hug:
I had melanoma inside my eye and the Hospital refused to treat me with radiation plaque surgery because I did not have any insurance at the time.Needless to say that is a HORRIBLE feeling to know that someone you do not even know has your life in their hands and ultimately they choose whether you live or die!!! Yahoo has message groups and I found a GREAT support group on there.You might want to check ot the yahoo groups for a melanoma group.The people on my group were very supportive and they offered a wealth of information to me.
:hug:Good Luck and I hope your husband gets his treatment soon!
My hubby has sufferd with these go back th another DR ASAP.Dont let them fob you off againa nd ask for a second oppinion n tell them you want to see a specialist.My hubby was saw the dr had a biopsi and then had his operation to totally remove them in 2 weeks so that was fast service makes a change!.Anyway good luck with it all n dont let them fob you off!!

Hugs xxxx

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