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Sep 22, 2006
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Just starting out in the man & ped mobile business and i was reading a thread about contra-indications and how people seem to work around contra-indications on clients.
Could you use tree oil products for foot bath and massage. Just a query really.Can you also buy any special products. If not, are there any special products that can be used.It really would save alot of time on my behalf and the clients.
Using disposable pedicure bowls with liners, wearing gloves, using metal tools and sanitising them and washing towels at 60 degrees can help in some cases of contraindications. Sixtus do a special pedicure line for fungal infections e.t.c. Ideally these people should visit a chiropodist but if they have turned up for an appointment unaware of a problem then this is a way around it. I take each case into consideration. For example if someone has a small verruca I would still do the treatment.
I use a Footsie Spa with disposable liners which is great! Also I wear nitrile gloves to check the clients feet, then Cool blue them, which is a sanitiser.
I'd be careful about using essential oils, unless you are qualified to do so!, as you dont want it to have an adverse reaction do you!
Thanks guys for that. I am gonna get myself some disposable gloves. I thought that tea tree would be ok for everyone but i dont want to take the risk. Clients can backtrack when it comes to thinking they can make a claim. NO WAY. But thanks again for the advice.
Laws. x.:eek:

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