Manicure assignment 207?


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Mar 24, 2016
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I have been given a assignment on manicures and it has been handed back to me as I need more information but I don't know what else I can put in it. The questions are:
- Why do we carry out a skin and nail analysis (I have put about contra-indications)
- importance of using products correctly (best results, dates and cross contamination already mentioned)
-importance of using tools/equipment correctly (Flawless experience, sterilized and sanitized equipment. teachers comment is "to avoid")
-importance of using techniques correctly. (already talked about being professional and hygienic in all areas)
If any one can help me I will be so thankfull x
Hmm... Well,

- have you explained why certain conditions are contraindicated? Why is it important to analyse the skin and nails? Is clients lifestyle important to consider before deciding on a treatment? How might allergies be a consideration without a consultation? How might your treatment be affected if the client had an infection?

-if you use your products incorrectly what might happen? Would the treatment be less effective? Could anything bad happen to you or the client? Why is it important to know your products and use them exactly as directed?
( a free example... In my first salon job we used different products than at college: I didn't know the cuticle remover was fruit acid based so actually dissolved dead cuticle. I went on happily for 3 weeks plopping it on the back of my hand to then apply to clients nails.... And after 3 weeks wondered why that spot on the back of my hand was painful and looked burned or eaten away. Had I known my product, and used it correctly, this might not have happened. If I let it sit on a client for too long, could the same have happened?)

-if you used a sharp or metal tool incorrectly, what could you avoid?
If you sanitise and disinfect your tools, what can you avoid?
If you use the correct grit file on a nail, what can you avoid?
Electrical or heated equipment in the treatment, what might happen if not used correctly?

-if you used different techniques than how you were taught, what could happen?
Could you cause injury for example, if your massage technique was wrong?
Would your treatment be effective if you used incorrect techniques?
Is it unsafe to use certain techniques wrongly?

Read up in your manual or training text and see if you can expand on your answers


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