Manicure with acrylic service, before or after application?


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Jun 16, 2012
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Hi I asked this question the other day re shellac and I think it is probably the same but I have a client who wants a luxury manicure with scrub and masque and massage and then an acrylic full set, my question is would I perform the manicure before the acrylic application or after I have applied the acrylic enhancements so as not to encourage oil on the nail plate?

Really wanna get this right with no lifting!!!

Thanks in advance
Scrub, masque, massage, cuticle work, file...then id dehydrate the nail ready for primer and acrylic application to finish with cuticle oil.

My justification for this would be to relax the client and then as long as the nail was prepped properly for the acrylics you would have already dealt with treating the skin.

I'm sure there are reasons as to why people would do it another way but that's how I'd do it.

The cuticle oil at the end would be the treat to the nails and as long as the nail is properly dehydrated pre acrylics I can't see that there would be a risk of lifting.
I would do the acrylics first so that there is nothing on the nail prior to application. The scrub and mask will both have some kind of moisturiser in it which may make your acrylics lift. Dehydrating after may counteract this but I'd always do it after just to be safe! :)
Great! Thanks for the guidance guys!

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