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Feb 11, 2004
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north carolina us
Hi! I was wondering if any one had directions for marbelizing? I have been on a few Japanese nail art web sites and they have some beautiful marbelizing designs and unfortunately I can't read it.
i marbled last week and actually did a good job

question... ive noticed everyone else's are a lot bolder. i mean mine are nice, but in the pictures and such i can tell that the marbling is very thick. like when you put it in the water, you do not let it spread out when you dip it

well when i do that, and i put my finger in, it all sort of muddies up on my nail. if not just that, it ends up as a blob of polish that usually fals off! or it all bunches together

whereas when i let it spread out a bit, it was much easier to swirl and worked very nicely. was pretty bold too, mainly because i had the white basecoat i think. im just wondering why when i dip it thickly, it all bunches up nasty. well at least when dipping when its thin it doesnt make as much mess on my skin!
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