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carrie g

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Mar 26, 2007
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Hi, just thought I would share this with you all.
Having had my business for a year and a half and being very aware that after a busy summer my business gets really quiet in October and November, I decided to be proactive about filling my diary and without really discounting anything.
On Monday I launched my website and emailed all my clients to let them know and give them the opportunity to sign up for monthly newsletters (by doing so they get an invite to a Charity 'bring a friend' Reception we are holding next month.
The response has been huge (and immediate), my inbox is packed everytime I sign in and my diary is bursting at the seams with bookings from clients I have not seen for ages.
This whole thing has cost me just my day off, the Charity event is being sponsored by local businesses, so again is costing only 2 hours of my time, in fact the only discount I have made is a Facial Promotion which has to be used before the start of my busy time in December!
I have tried lots of different tactics before, spent lots of money and seen little result, but with this I have so far sent out 200 emails and had 60 replies, so far.
well done Carrie.
Glad that you've had such a good response.

I;ve just sent out 70 newsletters by post telling clients about a new treatment that I will be offering, telling them that I won't be available for the half term, and a couple of special offers. I also asked if they wanted to supply their mobile and email address so that I could contact them with a newsletter by that method.
I also took a suggestion from another therapist on another forum, asking people for their mobile numbers if they wanted to be alerted for special reduction treatments if I had a few free slots on any given day. the idea is that you may have 2 slots free say on Wednesday. You then text everyone the time and date and offer say 25% off or 50% off, but they have to ring reception to book it.
As I only sent them 2nd class at the beginning of the week, I don't know what the response is.

tomorrow I only have 1 appointment in at 10am, and I don't know if anyone has had the urge to ring for an appointment after reading the newsletter.
Hi, I tried that, hand writing all the envelopes so that there was more chance of people reading them, trying to post them so that they would arrive on a Saturday when people have more time to read their mail, the response was always very small. You put in so much time and effort, get all excited and then just one or two calls.
Must say that I have about 200 clients that I don't have an email address for and I was thinking of texting them, but not sure whether or not to. Might try 20 and see if I get a response. Most people I have asked said they pretty much erase them straight away.
Emailing just worked, cost me nothing and has filled my diary, also I have received so much nice mail in return. Only one client has asked to be removed from my mailing list and she said how much she misses her visits, but has moved to Canada.
Good luck with your mail out. Sometimes they just remind people you are there, which is great. Most people act on marketing imediately if it hits the right spot. So you hopefully your phone will start ringing.
Has anyone else tried texting clients? Did it work?
60 replies out of 200 is fantastic, i used to work in marketing and they say you should only expect 1% response!

i have used text messages for offers but doesnt work too well, but i do use it to remind clients they have an appointment and my no-shows have reduced loads. also i text clients on quiet days to say i have just had a cancellation and am offering half price treatments to the first 2 people who want the appointment - this works really well.

manda x
hey manda, am following you around today it seems!

yes, I sometimes text offenders to remind them of their appointments.
I have just sent out 70 newsletters and have asked them to
a) supply email address
b) supply mobile number
c) asked if the would like to have text alerts for discounted treatments if I have a cancellation, etc.
They went out last week, but have had a really quiet week at work. but so far haven't had any response. I'm thinking that they will probably respond when they actually come in for a treatment.
As a qualified marketeer, I can share this with you... response rates on direct mail by post usually only are around the 1% mark. 4% is considered good. However this increases to 15% success rate when followed up by telephone. Don't have any data on texting, sorry, but my feeling is that response would be low. Don't be shy!!! Pick up the phone to folow up when you've mailed out.
would like to start my new room rental Nov 1st.
As I offer mostly holistic therapies, haven't got much chance for retail.
Would like to give the first clients a goodie bag, any ideas? Haven't got much money to spare, but would like something personalised in it.
I have a website and think Im going to email my clients too (just got to get their email addresses first....) Could you tell me what offers etc and how you sent them. Perhaps email me like you would a client [email protected]

Thanks and well done with your huge response


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