Massage bed set up?


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Oct 16, 2008
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just wanting to know how you all set up your massage tables how many towels do you use at each time ? photos would be great im investing in towels for my new beauty room in opening soon and need to know how many i should get of bath sheets bath towels and hand towels sainsburys have them all half price in the perfect colour :)
I use a couch cover first then a heated under blanket ( in winter ) I use a small towel and fold it around the face hole when they are face down or this goes over the pillow when face up and a large bath sheet size goes over the heated blanket and another small towel across the foot of the bed. For covering the client I use another large bath sheet and a fleece throw. You may need another large bath sheet depending on size of client to cover their modesty and you may need further towels for support during the massage. Of course it depends how many clients you will be seeing too in a day for how many you need. Hope this helps x
thankyou very much xx
Same as above for me too, couch cover, electric blanket, very large towels, rolled up hand towel by the face hole, I like a covered pillow under my torso but try it first, all my clients like it but its their preference. Bed roll then large bath sheet and throw for over them, adjust to winter/summer when maybe a large flat sheet is all they need

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