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Apr 5, 2008
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Hi all, I am adding massage to my treatments and would like to work with something other than oil.
Back in college we had this huge tub of stuff which was almost vasaline like but smelt wonderful ( lemon grass I think) I loved that stuff but I dont know what it was called.

Do you have any suggestions?

thanks x
Could it be Tui Massage and Body Wax? If you google it you will find suppliers or I get mine from Bay House Aromatics but you have to be already qualified, I think, to get an account from them. Mine is "unscented" but comes with a very delicate aroma and contains Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E and Arnica. It is a soft solid that is so easy to work with, and doesn't drip or spill!

Caroline x
Tui balm is quite nice and has aromatherapy oils in it, it looks like vaseline (smells wonderful) so I am guessing it is similar to what you used at college. You can buy a variety of different blends to suit different clients, for instance there is a muscle rub....its REALLY warming! Also a relaxing blended one. HTH.:)
yes it will be tui na wax, I like the sports massage one as its very lemony.

I'll try and find a link for the place I get mine from.
During the Decleor aromassage we use 100% natural aromatic balms; they have them for different concerns, and I must say I prefer these to oils. That said, I sometimes decant a little & heat it in a baby bottle warmer so it becomes an oil & then drizzle it on, which is also gorgeous!
If your going to Olympia next Tui will be there. You can have a good sniff to see which ones you like. :green:

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