Massage while pregnant


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Jul 10, 2006
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Hi everyone i am hoping someone out there can help me. I am 10 wks pregnant and work as a beauty therapist in a busy salon. I was told yesterday by a friend that i should not be performing massage treatments for the 1st 16wks. I have never heard this before and have been working as normal but obviously avoiding aromatherapy oils. I know i cannot have a massage myself ( although i can't wait till i can). I trained 14 years ago and obviously things change. I have searched the web as i would like to print something to show my employer if this is true. I don't want my boss to think i am trying to get out of certain jobs but obviously if it can cause any harm then i am not prepared to take any risks.
Well im sure there isnt anything from a legal point of view that says you can't and from a personal view i see no reason not to.Its more difficult in the later stages because you cant get near the couch.
Pregnancy isnt a sickness Women do carry on in all walks of life doing the jobs they always have.
As you are not using aromatherapy oils all the more reason not to carry on.
Just be more aware of your posture.Keep your legs moving and listen to your body.
Also there is no reason for you not to have a massage.Pregnancys are really not that fragile if they are meant to be.
I agree, you are staying away from ess. oils why not proceed. When I was in school one of my instructors still bailed hay, cleaned the horses stalls and was a volunteer
emt pregnancy didnt stop her at all. Listen to your body it will let you know what it can and can not do. Dont over do it. When I worked in the spa we had a special massage for pregnant women. The LMT would use pillows between the clients legs for support and the client would lay on their side with pillows under their belly for support.
Hi, my advice is the same, listen to your body! If you feel it would be too much then dont do it. As long as you are not using aromatherpy, or electrical treatments such as galvanic and faradic then there shouldnt be a problem.
Good luck with your pregnancy
There is no reason to stop performing these treatments in any stages of pregnancy, but your employer has to perform a risk assessment on you to ensure all the treatments you perform and your working environment is safe for you. If possible, see if you can cut down to just back massages, otherwise ensure you have a glass of water in the room with you, and the room isnt too hot. Ensure you keep your back straight to avoid possible injury as your ligaments are softening and can often feel strained.
You are absolutely right to avoid aromatherapy, although some preblended oils should be fine(best avoid altogether if poss).If performing electrical treatments ensure your safety at all times, there should be no reason not to perform them.
thanks for your replies i am pleased to know that i have not been doing anything wrong. You hear all kinds of things you can and can't do but like you say as long as i feel comfortable doing it then it should be fine. xxx

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