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Mar 7, 2019
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West Dumbarton shire/argyle and bute
I’ve got a client with atrial flutter and blood thinners but very low dose and wants a massage but their doctor won’t write letters to say can have but hasn’t said can’t have it. Has had plenty massages before but wanted to check.
Hi Christinem30,
Welcome to the forum.
I have had this dilemma myself over the years, but non more so than of late due to the adverse affects of a well known intervention. One lady had a stroke and therefore is on blood thinners now. Rather than the clients' GP giving consent the clinicians looking after my client said "Carry on with your normal life now that the condition is stabilised." This is my clients' advice and not yours.

Contact your insurers about this for help, but ask your client to get advice from the clinician at the hospital if they have a named person looking after them long term.

If you are allowed, your pressure would be very light, stick to effleurage with limited kneading if at all and maybe just trial a small area.
I bruise easily , especially on my arms without blood thinners so this client would be far worse.
You don't need the stress of this quite honestly, but as I say be very guarded and seek advice.

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