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Apr 28, 2003
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can anyone tell me if there is any stipulation on how long you have to be a tech before you can take a master class, and if there is does it apply to being a creative tech or can any tech just take a master class
There is no stipulation as to time and you do not have to be Creative trained -but it helps.

However if a newly qualified technician takes the classes - although the information is valuable at any stage - she/he is warned that they may not be able to pass the hands on assessment. So best not to rush it.

Better in my opinion to wait 6 months to a year and to be prepared to loose old habits and to learn new ones. Skills have to be good and you can practice hard in between classes to develop them because you will have to demonstrate them at the assessment.

We recommend any technician who is a Creative Master all around the world to clients who are travelling and want to keep up to their maintenance. We have a global list and we do so with confidence because we know they have reached a level of expertise when they pass their Master classes.

We do use Creative products on the Master Classes so one can prepare for them by doing a pre master class (they call it something different now - Creative complete I think) before you start.
geeg said:
We do use Creative products on the Master Classes so one can prepare for them by doing a pre master class (they call it something different now - Creative complete I think) before you start.

Is this the same as an acrylic conversion course designed for people coming from other systems to Creative?

I am a bit confused, I have booked on a conversion course to come back to Creative and my letter of confirmation says Pre Masters.

As a side note - are points allocated on training or only on products bought?
Yes it is the same as a Creative Conversion Class and

No there are no points allocated to training I fear - product sales only.

I got it mixed up -- its Pre Masters NOW and it was Creative Complete before! :?

Well ... I don't work in the office anymore :D Please forgive.
I asked about this points system when I went to Loughton this week only to be told that it was something that was started a while back but has now fizzled out. Apparently only those who spend loads of money there and ask for a discount get anything off their bill.
I added up what I`ve spent there in the last 3 weeks and it amounts to nearly £1000 with the foundation course included, I`d like to know how much you have to spend to be eligible.
Please email the geek direct about this. The points system has definitely not been scratched nor has it fizzled out!! Our customers LOVE it.

Course fees cannot be discounted as they are not considered a profit center. In other words we give value for money on our courses and are not greedy with the price.

When I have heard some of the prices quoted on this board by others for their classes and nothing included (not even a decent education according to many) I think Creative Nail Academy tuition fees are very reasonable.
I agree with you on that one, I have paid stupid money for ridiculous training. Not only is creative training value for money but its good fun too
OK - THESE are the names of the classes - we did have Creative Completely Covered BUT we fazed this out because of continuous NVQ upgrades etc.. we have the Four Day Foundation Course and the Next Step Class - soon to be a 5 day Foundation Course incorporating the Next Step class!! We have the Creative Conversion (yes we USED to call this Pre Masters but people got confused :rolleyes: ) - We have the Master Classes that are CONTINUALLY added to and upgraded - if you did Masters two years ago and think that everything is the same - it's not - info changes and is upgraded continously!!! Fiona I have had Education call MK today to change the words Pre Masters to Creative Conversion so we are all working from the same song book!!! :D Hope there is no more CONFUSION everyone :? :rolleyes:
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