Maximist Pro spray gun Quick Connection attachment adapter issues


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Mar 26, 2022
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Puerto Rico
I bought the Maximist Allure Pro with the Maximist Pro spray gun for my girlfriend last month She is telling me these issues.
She has trouble during tanning where the "Special Quick Connection attachment adapter" from the hose to the gun, the air blowing from the machine causes a small valve inside the attachment to pop-up and lock/stop the air flowing. She has to disconnect the hose from the adapter, insert her finger in the connection attachment to fiddle with the valve so it loosens and drops where the air can flow and reconnect the tubing to the attachment, and then turn on the machine again. Sometimes the valve immediately closes/pops-up into the attachment when the machine starts blowing air. I think this is absolutely riduculus on the adapter design. Do the other companies have same issues with the "Pro" spray gun (Fuji, Norvel) adapters?

Regrets on paying more for the "Pro" gun.

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