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Apr 18, 2012
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Say a client came to me wearing enhancements from another salon and they used CND but I used Entity could I just rebalance them using Entity products as long as it's the same kind of system ie L&P or Gel?

Or would they need to be removed and redone completely? If all the client wanted was an infill and had only had the tips on a couple weeks?
It should be fine as long as all your prep is good and like you said l&p with l&p and gel with gel...however if they have a soak off gel product it's probably best to just soak off and reapply....then there won't be any issues to worry about.
Thanks. I was just sat here today and it was one of those moments where you are thinking about something totally unrelated to nails and PING I wondered what I should do in that situation.

What is the difference between the gels also? And how do you tell as most people have no idea what system gets used on them?
generally soak off gels have a little give to them while buff offs are strong like l&p. I will give a gentle squeeze at the sides to see if it is bendable. Or you can try soaking one finger while you do cuticle work on the others to see if it is a soak off or buff off. I do find that usually if you ask the client how the previous tech removed or filled their nails you get a pretty good idea of what kind of product you've got too :)
That is if they have not gone to a cowboy who has no idea what they are doing lol.

ha ha....that's true :) you should be able to determine gel or l&p though....they should be able to tell you if they were in a lamp during the whole process or not :)
hopefully if they have used CND products theyve had good training. hopefully xx

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