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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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Hi pepes!

For anyone who's interested (probably all 1 of you, I'm bored of it meself!) the latest on 'the melon - revisited' is as follows:- Op date is July 8th at Bolton Royal Hospital, I am currently on a very interesting cocktail of pain killers which make everything la la la (although must fess up I keep accidentally 'missing' a few as not happy about messing with ones body!), have been in and out of hospital more times than a granny with a hernia! and I secretly think the NHS keep taking my blood every 5 minutes to fill a secret stash for their blood bank. Bad news is the entire ovary has to go which I am told means taking HR freakin T for the rest of my life (Chris is cowering in the corner at this thought!), also they have to make the same incision (22 of rexels finest again then, o joy!) good news is they think (please let me emphasise 'think' here) that it is again a borderline malignancy so I should only have to have one dose of chemo, so I'll put that Raquel Welch wig order on hold :D I'm having chuffin morphine on drip this time missus! J xx
oh sweetie , glad to see your in high(ish) spirits, i am sure you will be fine and will send you loads of positive vibes, take care hun and keep your chin up (if you can with the loopy pills !!) loads of love from dee xx
All the Best Jo-Jo, Lets hope once its removed that you can get on with your life worry free.
All the Best Take Care xxx
all the best Jo Jo keep your spirits up
Rooting for you

Best wishes to you and keep smiling:)

Best wishes and take care of yourself x
best wishes sending love to you - keep your chin up you will be ok
Have already PM'd you JoJo - Keep that gorgeous attitude - it means everything!!!;)
You're a brave girl JoJo......well done , keep that PMA (positive mental attitude ) going!.....but don't forget you have lots of friends here who'll be here for you if you feel a bit down and needing some support !!

love Fiona x.
I have Pm'd ya babe............
What a girl xxxxx
Keep your chin up keep smiling and good luck will be thinking of u
We're all here for you. Keep your spirits up. Big hugs xxx
Thanks you guys! and thanks for the messages I've received you are all wonderful people. Now.... more importantly... get chuffin Vanessa goody two shoes out of that house!!! Just the look on her face to see she isn't gods precious gift to the world would make my week! Chris is coming home early to watch the footy tonight, it's not quite the same without a lager (big no no with my medication!!) so perhaps I will take one of the horse tranquilisers the hospital gave me instead, it has pretty much the same effect! Ooo David Beckhams thighs.....

J xx
They say laughter is one of the best medicines so you should be fine in no time!! You sound like you're not going to let something like that get in your way, good for you. Keep smiling. As for Vanessa, she deserves a slap - wanna do it?
hey jojo good to see your still having a laugh, as for david beckhams thighs i wonder if he would be my model for spray tan, can just picture him in a thong(gonna go now coz im droolin) lol :lol: take care hun love dee
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