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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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Have any of you done manicures to man? And if so, what is the basic difference between a woman or a man's manicure?
hi ya

well i do the same procedure as i would for a lady,(missing out the polish unless they require it)

sometimes i find that it takes me a little longer to perform a manicure on a man cos they have not been looking after their nails over the years. Its a great challenge!!!

Cazza :D :D
With a ladie's manicure I would normally use a base coat and a clear top coat (if they don't want nail color) but I'm practicing on my BF and would like to know if there is a MAT top coat I could use (he doesn't want shiny stuff....LOL) Is there any top coat that comes to mind or I just finish the manicure by buffing to a high shine.......

enlight me please........ D wink
hi ya

i buff to a high shine on the men..


cazza :D :D
I agree... Buff to a high shine for me.
However, if you don't want a high shine, only buff to the black or white side of the Girlfriend (or whatever equivalent you use).
OK buffing it to a high shine it is..........


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