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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
Hi Hayley,

Well I am back from a fab 3 weeks in Florida 8) and I have just received the Airbrush video I lent to you, thanks. I hope you are getting on well with the course.

If you have any questions about the course please feel free to PM me.

Hi there Sharon

Hope you had a grea holiday ?
Did you see any nice nails while out there ?

thankyou so much for lending me the video
so kind of you
i have my another one now sorry took me so long for returning it

if i can repay the favour in anyway please let me know
anything i could do or lend you

im getting ok with airbrushing just a skill on its own
and imagination

the only thing is my designs are good but dont seem to last


i am using the top coat e/n and giving them 2 coats
plus capping the f/e

maybe try a different top coat like a fellow nail tech advised me

i think the chinese are famous for airbrushing
i look at some of there designs and think there fab i cant compete with them

maybe in years to come

anyway thanks m8

luv hayley xx
Hi Hayley,

I find that airbrush designs stay on better on enhancements because they are less flexible that the natural nail. Try the UV top coat from Melle at All Things is great and the nails glow in the dark too!

Yep we had a fab time in Florida 8) and the highlight had to be swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove....very expensive but worth every penny when you see your 9 year old daughter being towed in to shore by one of these magnificent creatures.

I saw so many lovely nails whilst out there and some pretty bad ones too. I must say the nail art I saw on some of the waitresses was amazing.

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