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Hi there,

Just wondered what your opinion was on gels.

I am a Retention Plus fan through and through, but a few new clients have asked specifically for gel. What are your thoughts on gel.

I find that when doing pink and whites no gel matches up to acrylic as you get a beautiful crisp smile line, bright white colour and very natural looking pink. I have seen some gel nails that look extremely natural however.

What are your favourite gels??
am not sure if I am the right person to answer this :? mainly because my experience with Gels is very little. Years ago I 'played' with LCN but have only ever really been a L+P girl :shock:

Geek should certainly be able to help and also Anna from Toronto who has posted some very nice Gel nails that she has done. I would say that because Gel FEELS so different to apply compared to L+P (like working with treacle if you're not used to it), maybe you just need a little more experience to get the crisp white smile :D . Designer Nails does a system called Faze which is being over-hauled packaging -wise at the mo. You can get very crisp whites with that and we have some loyal users. LCN has always had a decent reputation although v. expensive, I have also heard decent things about NSI. Sorry I couldn't help you more. Geeg will probably have a thing or two to add!! ;) :study:
Well I have always had my reservations about gel systems even though I love using them as I do all systems. I always made it my goal to do perfect nails with all 3 systems and I worked hard at acheiving that.

Evenso, I could never understand why technicians wanted to use gels particularly. I thought
1. They're sticky and all those 2 minute cures under the lamp took too much time ...
2. Depending on the nails, some clients had an uncomfortable heat sensation ...
3. You couldn't soak them off easily ... all that filing ...
4. They weren't in my opinion as pretty to look at ...
5. No matter how clean I worked, things eventually got tacky and not nice to use ....
6. There seemed to be more filing when finishing and finer dust ...
7. They were not as strong as L&P ... nor as clean to use

So why the interest? It seemed to boil down to the fact that there was very little odour (which is one strong point in favour of gels) and the fact that the finished nail had a permanent shine to it that was not removed by remover.
Whatever the reasons, gels are here to stay

Well there is a lot of choice today.
1. There are gels that have very little heat
2. Gels that soak off
3. stronger gels though still not as strong as L&P
4. Pretty gels

FAZE that Samantha mentions is a 'cool gel' ; it is a one component gel; crystal clear and pretty; It is very reasonably priced; it is strong; It will work with any UV lamp; BUT it does not soak off. It has a lot going for it in most departments.

As I always say, technicians should make it a goal to be proficient in All systems so they can happily service every client no matter what their wishes.
Hi Geeg,

Thanks for your reply. The reason I am asking about gels is as I have two clients who were lifting badly with acrylic so thought I would try them on gels and both of them have not lifted at all and say that gels feel lighter on their hands and that they prefer the look of gels, saying mostly that they look more natural, even with the high gloss shine. I have put a set of gels on myself (pink and white) and prefer the look of acrylic anyday, although I will agree that the gel feels lighter on the nails and feels more flexible.
Spmetimes alternatives are needed and a wrap or a gel will work with that lift prone client when others will not.
Be great at them all!! 8)
I very recently tried Akzentz gels on Anna(frm Toronto)s advice & I am soooo happy with them. I have never done pink & white but I did my first ever set with Akzentz P&W on myself & was hugely impressed(I am new to nails)
My smile line were pretty good, even if I do say so myself & so far I've had about a thousand compliments o nthem. I should perhaps point out that I've only had them on for 3 days!!

Nails Plus Beauty is hte UK distributor. Speak to Karen, she is so help ful. They do this excellent value Try Me kit it works out about £22 inc vat & you get about 8 diffferent gels (7g each) plus bond sure & gel cleaner. BARGIN!!

Just a tip, to get a really nice clean smile line, apply the white gel & move into place, when you are happy with it, take a small flat, ordinary gel brush, dipped in acetone & wipe the smile line. Immediately cure in the lamp. You must cure ach finger individualy for the whites. But if you work on hands alternatly, thne you don't wate any time wait for the nails whilst curing.

You can't order Akzentz fro mthe site, you have to call Karen. & the try me kit isn't listed on the site, but trust me , its there!!

Good Luck,
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