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Jan 10, 2003
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hi all

i have been using my metro powders quite a bit since i got them i think they are fab and so do my clients have been doing mainly french look with them.

Just wondering what everyone else thinks to them and what have you been doing with them.

click on the link below to see the silver french ones
hope you like
Erm, same question but for Mosaics? Any pics would be great! :D
hiya i've used the metro colours,dianne plummer demonstrated them for me. i really liked a colour blend tried it when i got back and it looks a bit like tiger eye stone. my friend says her nails have been admired absolutely loads you get an instruction sheet in the pack but hoping to see more at g mex
hi can anyone give me step by step instructions to do the metro colours please?

id really like to do the silver or black at the free edge like a french...would the pink or clear be best for nail bed if i did this?

thanks Vicx :D
someone else might help you with that but i was told to lay down a layer of clear before applying metro and top with a layer to finish dont know if i should say this but i think ive seen some step by step on the designer nails web site hope this helps
to be honest it is very difficult to walk you through EXACTLY what you should do with Metro Powders - there are literally 1000's of things you could do! One of the most popular looks will be how I have been wearing mine - a hologram powder tip with Perfect Pink Zone 2 & 3!! Just place your MM Bead as you would your Perfect White in Zone 1, create your smile and then apply a coat of Perfect Clear over the's not so much as to seal it but it does stop you buffing the sparkles which then turn silver!! Do zone 2 & 3 as normal!! If you are still not sure, come and see Diane Plummer on the Monday in November doing Xmas looks with Metro Powders (ask Leeds OSNS for dates))!! Hope this has been handy :rolleyes: ;)
hi ya...thanks for that, i wondered how u stopped the metro powders from dulling after youve buffed...i tried the silver on zone 1, however when i buffed it turned all dull...put me off a bit but im ready to get going again with them now in time for xmas...vicx
Well i just added a link to my first post so if you want to see silver french pics you can now

hope i done it right :oops:
hi ya...
they r gorgeous...
thanks for that Vicky x
Crazy :silly: Bird!!! :thumbsup:
As Carrie, from Sex and the City would say "ME LIKEY" :D

do you get the metro powders etc in a kit form? are they smooth to work with?

They are really stunning.
can anyone tell me how to remove the metro powder nails?
would it be the same as normal removals?
Thanks easypeasy
hiya smiler :D
the metro colur powders r being sold in a set & it comes with a 4oz( i think that size) retention+ liquid.
it is a really gd price as it includes the liquid.
most of the powders r extremly smooth, the only 1 that is slightly less is the white as it has big pieces of glitter in it, but it's worth it when it's on as it looks gorge 8)
lol liza xx
Thanks for that Liza
Even more reasons now for doing my conversions ohh l can't wait.
Thank you all for your comments first time i put a picture up of my work :oops: :oops:

I love working with the metro powders they are so smooth but i was struggling with the white one thought it was just me lol thanks liza
Hi everyone! I asked a question about the metro powder, seems noone answered it. Did I ask a silly question? :oops:
(how do you remove the metro powdr nails, same as normal removals?)
easypeasy said:
Hi everyone! I asked a question about the metro powder, seems noone answered it. Did I ask a silly question? :oops:
(how do you remove the metro powdr nails, same as normal removals?)

l don't think what you asked was a silly question, and l don't know the answer either, :rolleyes: but l would have thought removals were the same - don't worry, if i'm wrong then someone is bound to tell us.
Hi Trese
Thanks for that, I will keep checking back, see if anybody else has the answer.
i removed today by usual method just soaked off
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