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Nov 29, 2009
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Just at the stage of my Award in Education formally PTTLS where I need to choose a micro teach subject but everything I think of I don't think I could cover in 15-30 minutes was thinking of doing something basic like pencilling on eyebrows but does this sound too basic and how would I do this get the learners to do them - on each other or on a dolls head?

What subjects did you choose and did you manage to cover everything in the time ?
I think I did mine on Indian Head massage. I talked about the history of Indian head massage, played a you tube video and I took in a hairdressing training head and discussed the bones and muscles to the head and face. Then I got the 'students' to take it in turns to stick the labels to the head where the various muscles were that I had taught them :)
What about a hand massage where you could be naming the parts of the hand, the massage movements and the benefits?
Will you be doing your micro teach to beauty students or the rest of your pttls class (adults)?

Make sure you demonstrate a 3 part lesson (starter, main activity & plenary)
The assessment is more about HOW you use teaching techniques rather than your actual subject!
Good luck
I did mine so long ago that it may have changed slightly, but I did hand massage like 'pure' said above. I spoke briefly about the benefits of massage and the bones of the hand and wrist, did a small demo and got them to do each other. It's harder with the micro teach than the longer filmed one as you're so restricted with time. Take some hand cream in and some handouts with the movements and bob's your uncle!
Hope that helps
Sam x
I did mine on beading techniques lol! I didn't want to do a beauty treatment for such a short time. Another lady did some CAM treatments and it didn't really go very well so that put me right off too.
Haha I think I may do something random then not beauty as they have said it can be on anything but I am wanting to go into too much depth with beauty...

I looked on YouTube and there's one how to change a nappy where she teaches people with putting nappies on teddies lol
I done mines on spraytanning, i had a powerpoint handouts thats what everyone in my class loved so they could look back on .I got my class to give my model a tan and gave them a quiz and a few questionnaires to do with tanning my lesson was 30minutes it seems long but its not enough time to cover everything x
I did head massage. Set up a load of mannequin heads, introduced the names of the massage movements, did a little demo then got them to have a go followed by a little handout to fill in to summarise. Really simple but they all enjoyed it and they were all from completely different areas so something new for them too.

I graduated in November 2015 with cert ed,

I did my microteach on nail types as there were men in the class I chose to do this rather than nail painting,

I discussed nail types did a slide show which showed images of different nail types so my clas could see the images and asses each other's nails, I bought in a Opi nail envys so they could also match the nail envy with the nail type and a mini quiz at the end.

Hope this helps good luck x

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