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Aug 1, 2010
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Hi peeps, right my problem is, my minx toes are lasting too long on my clients up to 6 weeks, great advert but not for bank balance, also now the Autumn is nearly here people are saying not worth havin it done now, so what alternative treatment would u say to have instead ? Minx has been a great little earner this summer. So wot is the trend for the winter?.
Well, you focussed on their toes for summer, why not focus on fingers for winter. Do you do nail art? It's easy to have a rota of ten designs that you practise and specialise in.
Shellac for toes is a great winter option, but the whole idea of MINX is that even if covered up, that little Minx in you is hiding in those shoes for when you take them off. I never wear shoes in the house so my Minx toes would show plenty of times. When you tell clients things like this they usually want to carry on having MINX.

Clients ... first of all who wants to go around with a 6 weeks regrowth showing .. UGH! 2nd if they don't mind 6 weeks of regrowth then they should realize that the cost per week of having Minx on for that long is NOTHING .. probably the best value treatment they could possibly have (apart from Shellac which also lasts for ages on toes).

I think MINX will only slow down in winter if YOU let it slow down in your salon.
Remember that autumn/winter brings many of the party days,

Halloween (theres plenty designs for this or many that would go with costumes)
Bonfire night (nows the time to start plugging the minx with flames)
Christmas/Channukkah - People do have their toes showing....also...gift vouchers for Christmas!
New Years - Definitely a time to push the wackier designs

These are the times when people who wear minx for 6 weeks could be a more regular customer as if they get it done at the start of december you want to make sure they have a reason to change it up for the holidays.

The Shellac/Gelish/Geleration products will also be great for winter. Most women that I do a minx or a pedi on have polish on their nails they paint themselves all the time. These are the people that would love the shellac toes.

Make sure you are not forgetting fingers too!! As the autumn and winter holiday days can make just minx toes people go fr minx fingers for an occasion.
ah thanks peeps, i love it when you come back with such positive ideas.

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