Mixing L'Oreal bases


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Mar 17, 2011
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Hiya guys Can half a 7.3 and half a 5.3 with 6% b mixed to make a 6.3? :)
Any one?
I'm about to colour my hair
iv bleach bathed it today and has lifted to a 7.3 (normally base 5)
I still want it warm but not as dark as the 5.3
I only have half a 7.3 and half a 5.3 here so thinking of mixing the 2
But I need some advise first?
I'm going lighter on the ends tomorrow (ombre effect) so help pleaseeeee! Lol :) x
Yes it can make sure its equal amounts x

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Thank u Hun iv just mixed the 2 and waiting for my test piece to take
I got a little inpatient hehe :)
Yes, I got taught that you could mix in theory 2 colours to get another ie, 5+9=14 divide by 2 = 7. I have on occasion used this but having the correct colour is defenately better and more stable, but it is handy to know and this was taught on a Loreal colour keys course about 15 yrs ago
I was taught equal parts means the darker colour takes over so normally 3/4 7.3 1/4 5.3
Blue rinse is correct, it's not half and half, it's a half the lighter colour plus a quarter of the darker one.
Correct, the darker base is dominant so 3/4 lighter base + 1/4 darker 3%, but i'd use a semi! x

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