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Sep 20, 2007
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I've just learn't manual lymphatic drainage massage and its a lovely routine, but was thinking it would really nicely with a body mask or body wrap.

does anyone mix n match these 2 treatments and would you do the massage before or after the wrap?

anyone else do MLD as would like a book on it also to enhance my knowledge.

I have also got MLD training in my facial training so will be adding some of those techniques to my own routine.

again, any views, comments, etc.
hiya, you will find that MLD is the best form of massage to use in any aromatherapy treatments ......... the results you get using this and the right oil combinations are phenomenal.

Whether using in facial or body treatments I would definately apply the mask after the massage.
Hi, this is something I would like to learn, if you dont mind me asking where did you do your training? and did you learn lots from it as ive looked at various courses and they vary so much.

From what I know about it i would think it would be excellent for body wraps, aromatherapy and detox treatments.