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Aug 31, 2011
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Hi everyone
I've had a look through post but not found anything.
How does everyone find doing semi permanent eyelashes on a mobile basis.
I'm about to do a refresher course with Marvel lash as I did the training but haven't been confident to do them plus people don't want to pay the prices.

how do you find taking the beauty bed with you etc ?
How much would you charge to do a set for first 10-20 sets and how many eyelashes would you say per set. Training recommends 30 per eye

just wanting to start offering them as I have had the beauty bed and the kit obviously I will replace the glue etc as it is out of date it seems a waste of money not to do them x
not SP lashes but I took my bed out on Saturday to do some clusters. No problem. I'm planning on training with Lash Perfect and doing SP lashes mobile x
I hated doing lashes mobile.
A couch is heavy to carry - most people have rubbish parking, live in flats with no lifts, don't have space for a couch and chair. Have energy saving light bulbs so the light it rubbish. Have noisy children, annoying pets, phone calls, postman turns up etc

When lashing I like to have a good ambience, peaceful room, no distractions, a good light and I need to concentrate

Something I struggle to do in their unsuitable houses - and having lugged all my kit, set couch up and felt shattered before started

But that's my personal opinion
Lashing mobile is hard work need to bring couch, lighting, kit and stool! Also 30 lashes per eye is not nearly enough on some people despite what marvel lash may tell you good luck with it all x

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I do it mobile and personally dont find it a problem, the main problem is as above lighting in some peoples house is shocking but u can get a mag lamp that attaches to your bed. And the bed is heavy but your only carrying it from your car to there door and theres only been once ive had to walk a far distance xx

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I do it mobile and I also train people who want to do it mobile and don't find any problem with the couch. Like someone has said earlier 30 lashes per eye is no where near enough you need to be doubling that at least. Why do u not feel confident are you not getting enough models or are the products just not working for you? if you are doing a good job, plenty of lashes are going on and staying on then you will get clients rebooking :)

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