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Nov 22, 2013
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Hi, I've decided on a career change and am looking for insurance. I do individual eyelash extensions, hair extensions and will be training in waxing in January. I hold student insurance with ABT but to upgrade it will cost £69. GBT are expensive at £85 and Salon Gold offer it at £44. I don't know who to use as I have trained using short courses (I can't afford to leave work and go back to college full time for a year or two) and I don't know if Guild or BABTAC will cover my qualifications. The trainer is full qualified so I assume their courses are accredited and I'm currently insured with ABT...HELP please, I don't know what's best. Thank you 😊
ALWAYS check a course is properly accredited by an independent recognised trade body before handing over your money.

Please don't just assume they are accredited. There have been many posts on here from newbie geeks have been taken for a ride down that particular road and ended up paying out lots more for training with another provider just to get insurance.

Might be best to ring the insurance companies directly and check they will cover all the treatments you wish to offer. You don't want to spend money on insurance and then be in a mess if you later find they won't cover a particular treatment.
Hi AcidPerm,

Thank you for your reply - I am considering taking some courses via Sally's as their courses are accredited and not too expensive. I've already had a look at college and the only p/t course they do is Level 3... I haven't done 1 or 2 yet and they're the f/t ones unfortunately. I haven't paid much for the courses I've already taken (only 2) so wouldn't have lost much if the courses I have done aren't fully accredited - although the trainers are fully qualified so I know I have been taught well - it's just the formal accreditation that could be an issue for insurance purposes. I need to make sure it's done properly as the insurance would be invalid. I think you've really given me an idea of where to go next with this. I need to ask a couple of questions and then probably book a couple of extra courses! Thank you.

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