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Sep 17, 2013
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Hi !
So I'm just about to start going mobile after being salon based for 13 years.

How does everyone work out their pricing ?
I'm not a believer in being cheap because your mobile I feel you should charge what you think you are worth. Too many people expect mobile services to be cheaper but I disagree I think it should be the same as salon prices atleast as it is a personal service (my opinion anyhoo)

I'm used to city centre prices (Manchester)
Would like to see other people's pricing so I can get a feeler.

Thanks !


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Sep 23, 2020
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I'm mobile in Hampshire so obviously prices down here may be different. I also have the challenge of serving a wide range of areas, eg one area people pay £13-15 for a ladies cut and others people pay £30-odd. When I worked out my pricing I considered:
- My desired hourly rate (around £15ph)
- Length of time for each service (inc travel time)
- Trying to get a balance between the varying prices in my catchment area. Needed to be a bit higher than the cheaper area but not too high.
This is what I came up with:
(Also everyone now pays a £4 covid/PPE surcharge for disposable PPE and the extra faff. For me I have to factor in a complete uniform change and shower between each client as well as all the disinfecting).

Dry cut £15
Shampoo and BD/Set £15-20
Cut and BD/Set £28-33
Gents cut £12
Clipper cut £10
Childs cut £10

Colours - all inc CBD
Roots £48
F/H £58
T-sec foils £58
1/2 head foils £68
Full head foils £78
Foil prices are for bleach (inc Bond Ultim8) and toner or 2 high-lift/tint shades. Extra colour/infil £10 per shade

Perm £65-78
Brazilian BD from £90
Hair up from £50 inc trial

Plus travel charge for areas further than 15 minutes drive.

To put some of this in perspective I have a mobile basin, mobile shower head operated from a bucket plus provide all my own towels etc (I know some mobiles use customer's towels and rise forwards over sink or bath... that's absolutely totally fine) but for me personally I operate on a 'salon comes to you' policy and also offer my clients their choice of evenings and weekends including Sundays.

Hope that helps. All the best with going mobile 😊
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