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Feb 22, 2011
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Hi there,

just a quick one.

I started mobile last year and its going well. i've now got a home salon and i'm trying to encourage clients to come to me.

i'm thinking of increases my prices slightly and doing a 10% off to all clients who come to me deal. i haven't increased my prices since i started so i don't think it should be to much trouble

what do you think?

You may be able to get people into booking into your home salon without doing a 10% deal when they ask on the phone say I have availability at my home salon on xxxxx

If you do a 10% deal Id make sure it would be on your first home salon appointment only hopefully after they have been once they will rather come to you and you wont have to keep offering a discount!

Good luck :)

Or just tell mobile clients there is now a call out fee of x amount, which doesn't apply to ur home salon. Then no discount, still the same profit and a little bit more for ur efforts of attending mobile appts.

Why not ask them to come to an open day to have a look at ur home salon, and do some advertising of your home salon-you may get more new clients.

Some people are fans of mobile- I am mobile- and I think if I stopped 50% of my clients I'd loose as they have a reason for wanting a mobile tech in the 1st place.

Or just keep 1 or 2 days for mobile clients (ie quieter days) and then thurs-sat say ur home salon only, as you save time on set up for treatments- I am sure people would understand, as it is a faf setting up, packing up, loading car n travelling etc

Good luck xx

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