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Feb 7, 2012
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I trained as a Nail Technician a couple of years ago but didnt have much in the way of a client base until this last year. I now only have around 22 regulars each month, not a lot of clients, but enough to tickle things along.

Now I have been given the opportunity to work within a thriving Hair Salon 2 or more days a week - its up to me really when I want to work. Rental would be at a daily rate (half a days rate for the first month) & I want to know would it be a good idea to make the move ?
Im thinking Fridays & Saturdays & maybe late night Thursdays ??

On its own I don't know if Bio Sculpture Gel is going to pull in the punters, so I was hoping to change my 18 Watt UV lamp to UV one by CND so that I could introduce CND Shellac too, but what worries me is that I really dont have a great deal of spare money to make further invest in additional gel colours (I have 29 Bio Sculpture Colours, zero Shellac ) .

My speed isnt great either using Bio Sculpture. Most of my existing ladies always need an extension or a single nail sculpture & this along with a soak off & fresh application takes me usually 2 and a half hours (pack up & set up also included).. Am I really taking too long? Am I worrying over nothing ? Should I just stick with Bio Sculpture for now & introduce Shellac at a later stage ? What would you do in my shoes ?

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